Knowledge of domain name

What is domain name?

Technically, an Internet domain name is the address corresponding to address the problem in a way. It can be said it is only a technical term. However, the Internet has become the world's Internet, domain names are also naturally become a social scientific terms.

From a social science perspective, the domain name has become an integral part of Internet culture.

From the business perspective, domain name has been known as the "corporate online trademark". There is no company does not attach importance to the identity of their products as trademark. The importance and the value of domain names, has also been recognized by companies around the world. Within one month of March 1998, the world's had registered 179,331 generic top-level domain name. (According to the information quality network.) 5977 domain names had been registered per day and there are 25 per minute! This record is the monthly growth rate of 7%. The number of domain name registration in China, accumulated over than 300 at the end of 1996, Jumped to 1998 in November it has increased to 16,644, the monthly growth rate of 10%.

Why register a domain name?

The internet as the darling in the information age has been out of the primary segment as more and more people had known. As e-commerce, online sales, online advertising has become a hot business. "Internet “has become a pet phrase of many people. However, you should create a server to publish information on the Internet. You must register your domain name first. Only have their own domain name to let others access to their own. Therefore, the Internet domain name registration is to establish the basis for any service. At the same time, due to the uniqueness of domain names, early registration is essential.

Why did not note the name is more headache than the trademark has been registered?

As in their respective domain names and trademarks are unique within the context. And, with the development of the Internet, from the perspective of corporate image building, domain names and from a sense, it has a relationship with the trademark. Therefore, it has some common

characteristics with trademark. Many enterprises in the choice of domain names often want to use and consistent with their own business domain name trademark. However, the domain name and trademark also has more than unique. For example,

Also holds a registered trademark Panda Electronics Group Company between to another chemical factory, they have the conflict in the domain name registration. Accordance with the "China Internet Domain Name Registration Interim Management Measures", both companies have the right to panda for the domain name registration. However, there is only one Then, under the provisions of the "China Internet Domain Name Registration Interim Measures” the domain name applications are in line and the quality network in accordance with the "first come, first registered” the principle of processing. The chemical factory had registered first. After the website had been opened, the other Electronics Group Company had just submitted the Domain name applications of The result is the electronics company has been unable to use as their domain name as their own.

It is not difficult to see from the above example; although the electronics company can still sell their electrical products with the brand name panda, but they probably never let their customers see the sites belong to them as This is definitely regretted.

Domain structure

Top of the domain

Domain is constituted by two or more words and separated with the symbol dot. The word on the right is called the top-level domain. Here are some common top-level domain and their usage,

.COM - For commercial organizations. It is the most common top-level domain. Anyone can register .COM domain names.

.NET – For originally for network organization at the first beginning such as Internet service providers and service providers. Now anyone can register to. NET domain names ending with. .ORG - Is a non-profit organization for a variety of organizations, including the set. Now anyone can register to .ORG domain names ending with.

There are two-letter for the top-level domain in country code. Such like cn,. uk,. de and. jp is called country code top-level domain (ccTLDs). CN is which special use in Top-level domain for China. The management of the registered was owned by CNNIC. The .CN domain name ending in two, we referred to as the domestic domain. Country code top-level domain name registered and subdomain names are under the rules and policies on different countries. You should consult with a registered domain name registry to ask what the relevant registration requirements and related provisions and registration. In addition to some domain name registrars provide. com,. net and. org domain name registration services at the end of the outside also provide country code top level domain name registration. ICANN does not specifically authorize up to provide country code top-level domain registration services.

Sub domains

The next level of top-level domain, we call subdomain. Domain name registration use .com as ending in the top level domain name. It provides a secondary domain name. Domain form may also be In this case, something can be called the main domain or subdomain.

Who is the international domain name authority?

ICANN was established in the recent years as a non-profit organization to replace NSI company. Its main functions include the management of Internet domain names and address of the system. Information about ICANN can query the website

What is a domain name address of the server (ie DNS)?

Domain name server translates domain names into the computer used to be able to identify the IP address. For example, someone wants to access the SOHU website. (, DNS will translate the domain name as the IP address This makes the computer easily to find the name of the all web server.

What is the general rule to create an internet domain name?

At all levels on the Internet domain name is managed by different agencies. Therefore, the way of the various institutions to manage domain names and domain names of the rules are different. But domain names are also some common rules, there are the following:

First - Domain name can only contain the following characters:

1. 26 English letters
2. "0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9" Ten Digital
3. "-" Number of conjunctions in English

Second - Combination Rules of characters in domain names

1. In the domain name, do not distinguish between the cases of letters.
2. For the length of a domain name there is a certain limit, the rules under the CN domain name are:

A. All domain names in accordance with common rules.
B. Can only register third-level domain, third-level domain are composed with the letters.(A-0Z,a-z,Case equivalent), number (0-9)and Connector (-). Between all levels of domain are using symbol dot to connect. Three-level domain name must not exceed 20 characters in length.
C. Shall not use, or restrict the use of the following names. (The following table lists some of the registration of such domain names need to provide the material.)

1) Up with "CHINA", "CHINESE", "CN", "NATIONAL" and other relevant departments of the State (refer to unit level and above) officially approved
2) Public awareness of the other country or region names, foreign names, names of international organizations shall not be used
3) Above the county level (including county) full names of administrative divisions above the county level or the relevant abbreviations (including county) people's government formally approved
4) The industry name or generic name of goods may not be used
5) Others have been registered in China, business name or trade name shall not be used
6) The state, are harmful to society or the name of public interest shall not be used
7) By the state departments (units at or above that level) above the county level official approval and related (including county level) is the formal approval of governments, agencies, according to a written consent of registration XXXX XXX domain name. Such as: To apply for domain name, are to provide Beijing Municipal People's Government approval.

What kind of domain name registration is good?

Since Internet domain names are considered trademarks of the enterprise, and then it is very important to register a good domain name. A good name is often consistent with the units of the following information.

1, the unit name in abbreviation
2, the company's registered trademark
3, consistent with corporate advertising and English language content, but be careful not to exceed 20 characters
4, the more interesting names such as: hello, howareyou, yes, 168,163, etc.

What should pay attention after the domain name registration is completed?

After domain name registration is complete, you can use your own domain name to establish online information site. However, there are things that cannot be forgotten, that is, you need to pay the annual fee for your domain in each year. The payment method is the same as the registration. In addition, a registered domain name cannot be traded.

When need to modify the domain name registration information (Domain name cannot be modified.), a stamp should be submitted from a company (A copy of Personal identity Card.) on the domain name application form to us. Domain name registration application form should indicate the modified items.

How to use your own domain name?

After the domain name registration, how you can use your own domain name the build your own internet services system. It is often also of interest to the user. So, how to design your own online image? Here are some suggestions, hoping to play, "initiate “role.

1, the establishment of one of their own emails system, so that every employee of the unit with their own company domain name can send and receive e-mail.
2, to set up a company's home page
3, marked your website address in your advertising

These are just a small suggestion; while you are registering a domain name you can ask our staff for free consultation about the specific procedures for transport to do.

How to register a domain name?

Register a domain name is the establishment of any web site to the unit as the first step. First we should clear and definite what kind of the domain you want to register. When you register your domain names, please fill out the application form first. After filling out the submission and confirm by us, we will open it for you at once. Within one week, please deposit the corresponding amount to our account and fax the remittance enterprises outside the province.