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Domain Transfer means to transfer your existing domain name from your current registrar to Eranet International Limited. You should contact your current registrar to get authorization code and unlock the domain to transfer.
     Domain Transfer  
 Please enter the domain name that you need to transfer ( e.g.:  abc.com, abc.com.cn, chinese.中国, chinese.cn)

Transfer your domain to Eranet  Resolve your domain at Eranet
I have read and agreed to the Domain Transfer Agreement of Eranet
Eranet is an accredited domain registrar of ICANN and CNNIC.
Note:This service includes all domains ended with the following extensions:
  .com, .net, .org, .mobi, .name, .info, .biz, net.cn, .gov.cn, .edu.cn, .com, .net,.org, .name, .info, .biz, .org.cn, .gov, .edu, .org, .hk, .tw, .sg, .biz, .info, .name, .sh .ws, .tw, .cc, .tv, .us, and .CN.
Domain Transfer Notes

1.Transfer the English domain name .COM\.NET\.CN\.ORG\.NAME\ .INFO\.BIZ\.ASIA\.MOBI,
and so forth.If the original registrar is another company,please contact that company directly and get EPP key to transfer registrar.After successfully submitting, please update annual fee for the domain name.

2.Only the domain registrant or admin (CONTACT) has the right to apply for transferring registrar.
3.The registered time of the domain name from former original should already be full 60 days.And make sure that at least 15 days from the expiration time.
4.Make sure that there is no any overdue bills between the domain name and the original registrar.
5.The domain name is under normal condition(ACTIVE or OK),and not involved in any ongoing controversy or dispute.
6.You should take all responsibility for controversy and dispute caused by domain transfer.
7.Make sure the former registar agree the domain transfer.So contact with the former registrar at first please.If the former registrar disagrees,your application for domain transfer won’t be successful.
8. If the original registration term of the registrant is no more than 9 years (English cn domain no more than 4 years), the registrant must add an additional year of registration based on the original registration term when transferring at the same time.
9. Support bulk transfer-in,and each domain occupy a line.
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