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GeoTrust True BusinessID Wildcard

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Entrust EV Multi-Domian(EV)

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Positive SSL Wildcard(DV)

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The #1 Most Trusted Website Security Brand in the World

Symantec is now the world's leading Internet Security brand. In the field of endpoint security, e-mail security, data disclosure protection and SSL certificate, no brand can replace Symantec.

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-------------SSL Certificate Q & A-------------

Q:What is SSL certificates and CA ?

SSL is the abbreviation of secure socket layer. SSL certificate has two main functions: authentication and data encryption. SSL certificate can authenticate the identity of individuals, enterprises or websites. When your users visit the website, they can click the security seal on the page to learn the specific information of your website. Among all kinds of certificates, the verification system of EV certificate is the most strict, so EV certificate is also the most reliable certificate. Another important function of SSL certificate is encryption, which means that it can protect the personal information entered by users on your website and ensure that the information is not intercepted by outsiders. CA is the issuing agency of certificate. As a neutral agency, CA provides encryption for information transmission and authentication for enterprise owners, not all companies can call it ca. At present, the authoritative CA companies mainly include digicert, entrust, Comodo, GeoTrust, Symantec, etc.

Q:Why purchase SSL certificate ?

SSL certificate is the standard of network security, which can verify your identity and protect the information security of your users. For a shopping website, SSL certificate is essential. SSL certificate encrypts the data transmitted between computer and network server, so as to protect the sensitive information of customers, such as name, address, password or credit card number. The website with SSL certificate must be authenticated, so the possibility of phishing can be completely excluded. For users, whether the website has SSL certificate is a filter to identify whether it is safe or not. In addition, the browser will give a security prompt to the website with SSL certificate. The user can see that the address bar starts with "HTTPS: / /" and is marked with the icon of the security lock.

Q:What are the types of SSL certificates ?

There are three kinds of SSL certificates on the market:
Individual Validation(IV):It refers to the SSL certificate verifying the real identity of the website operator, which can encrypt the confidential information of the website and prove the real identity of the website. This type of certificate does not pass CA validation, so it has a lower level.
Domain Validation(DV):It refers to the SSL certificate that only verifies the ownership of the domain name of the website, only encrypts the confidential information of the website, which is relatively simple and unable to prove the true identity of the website to the user. This is an entry-level certificate, which can be issued quickly.
Organization Validation,Enterprise Validation(OV,EV):It refers to the SSL certificate that verifies the true identity of the unit affiliated to the website, encrypts the confidential information of the website, and can prove the true identity of the website. It is the best guarantee for network security and the highest level of all certificates.

Q:Which place need to use SSL certificate ?

SSL certificates are required wherever you want to transfer information securely. For example: SSL certificate can ensure your users safe access to your website; ensure the communication security of your company's internal website; ensure the safe sending of e-mail; ensure the information security inside and outside the server; ensure the security of obtaining and sending information through mobile devices, etc.

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