To better protect the security of national top-level domain name users' information, and also meeting the safety requirements of users, CNNIC provides privacy protection services to registered users for national top-level domain names. Users who registered our privacy protection services, after completing domain name verification, WHOIS does not display information such as the name of the registrant to the public, achieve the purpose of protecting user information security.
CNNIC privacy protection advantages
Data security
CNNIC privacy protection function can effectively protect the security of personal data on the Internet and prevent it from being illegally obtained, stolen or abused.
Users' identities are verified and encrypted to provide a more reliable guarantee to ensure that users' privacy and personal information on the Internet is not leaked.
The privacy protection function provided by CNNIC is simple to operate and convenient to implement. Users can use and manage their private data without too much professional knowledge
Start the privacy protection process
Select a domain name ( Control center- Domain name list
open (Administration - Domain Name Control Panel -whois Private Protection)
Go at once
For unpurchased domain names available atDomain name purchasingSelect Enable Privacy protection during the process
Comparison of WHOIS query results
Before privacy protection is enabled
After privacy protection is enabled