Private registration, protecting privacy + domain information + Anti-spam!
  Protect the Privacy of Your Domain Name
Private domain name protection
  Why need to keep personal information safely? When you register a domain name, all the information is public in the WHOIS database. This means that anyone can read your personal information anywhere through the Internet. Private registration can replace the personal information with the information of registered dealer, and keep from mail spams, web traps and other personal contact. Private registration can also prevent web spiders from collecting your address, telephone number and other personal information.
Protect the Security of Your Domain Name
  When the privacy protection is on, the domain names can't be transfered or traded. It also needs high authentication password to close the function, so you can still protect the security of the domain names even if your password for control center is stolen.
Information exposed
Fully display your personal information  
Name:  Wuji Zhang
Organization:  Wuji Zhang
Address:   Bei jing shi zhong shan shi xi jie bian 62 hao
City:   Beijing
Country:  CN
Phone:  +86.1059512345
Private Registration 
Shielding your personal information
Name:  Private Protection Co.LTD
Organization:  Private Protection Co.LTD
Address:   NO.1111 Chaoyang Road, Beijing
City:  Beijing
Country:  CN
Phone:  +86.7563810500
Why Choose Private Registration?
Protect Your Privacy
  Private registration protects your personal information. It provides information protection service and keeps your site away from mail spams, advertising mails, and information thefts.
Does not Effect the Use of Domain Names
  Private registration does not effect the use of domain names. You can renew your domain names, set up servers, and settle disputes just as usual. But you can't sell or transfer the domain names when the privacy protection funtion is on.
Private Registration Keep Cyber Stalkers
  * Reduce advertising mails
* Protect your personal information
* Keep away crank calls
* Avoid web traps
* Stay away from web spiders
* Prevent from being transferred and traded
* Only $7.59 /yr
* Others