A: How does the private protection help you reduce the junk mail?
  Private registration provided by Todaynic. com,Inc hides your real email address from Whois and replaces it with a randam address like '', thus the junk mail producer cannot get your true mail address any more, and the possibility of being forced to accept junk mail because of the exposure of your mail address will be reduced.
B: How to testify your ownership of the domain name, if required?

You can suspend the services of private protection through the manage panel provided by us. After that, you can inquire about your authority of the domain name through Whois on the official website. Once it is accomplished, we advise you to open the private protection service again.

C: How to work out the price if you want to protect the present domain name when the duration of domain name is less than one year on its maturity.

It is determined by the maturity of the domain name. Work out every month. If it is less than one month, we will calculate it as one month. For example, the maturity of the domain name is suppose to be 2007.01.24, if you purchase on 2005.04.24, you will pay the money of 3 months, that is 59/12*3=15 RMB

D: Do you need to pay for the continuation of the private protection at the same time as paying for continuation of domain name, if you have already purchased a private protection?

If you have already purchased a private protection, you can choose to pay for the continuation of the private protection as you pay for continuation of domain name.

E: How to deal with the domain name private protection purchased at the same time as domain name is, if you have called out the domain name?

If the new domain name registration is canceled in the 3 days of application, the fees of application for protection will be refunded automatically.

F: Where can I inquire about the true information before the protection after I applied for the private protection.

After your logon, you can get the true information by clicking your domain name on the list of domain name information. You can also suspend the private protection by using the function of 'Pause/Restart' to get the true information through ordinary methods.

G: Whether you can use the function of 'Pause/Restart' for limitless times in the available term of private protection?

You can momentarily 'Pause/Restart' the protect function of private registration in the available term.

H: At present, which domain names have private protection?
  ->.com/.net,including English and multi-language
->.org,including English and multi-language
I: Why is the private protection forced to stop?

When there is a dispute over the ownership of a domain, we have the right to pause its private protection.