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Safe, stable and efficient solution, suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises

E-mail features:large attachment, anti-waste system, account grouping, mail monitoring, global mail, etc
  • Email user:
    5~2500 users
  • Mailbox capacity:
  • Ordinary attachments:
  • Large attachments:
  • Binding domain:
How many years to buy:
1 year Give away 1year free 2 years Give away 2years 3 years Give away 3years 5 years

Product advantage

  • Brand trust

    Combined with 11 years' experience in corporate email, we provide millions of enterprise users with email service every day, handle tens of millions of emails and enrich our operating experience, just to make you feel comfortable.

  • Mobile office

    Time connected to provide free mobile APP client for all cloud mail users. It can help you send and receive email, manage daily work, and support iPhone/Android phone email IMAP and POP.

  • Excellent performance and safety and stability

    BGP multi-line five-star machine room, INTEL multi-core processor, using the globally renowned MIRAPOINT super anti-spam anti-virus mail system, reliability can be up to 99. %. Avoid spam, virus mail to your annoyance.

  • The gold medal customer service is trustworthy

    24 hours after-sales service, quick response, technical engineers to direct line, your satisfaction is our constant pursuit, more intimate services are constantly provided.