Domain Renewal

1. What is renewal period and redemption period? How long renewal period and redemption period is?

A: After a domain name expired, it goes into renewal period. If the registrant didn't renew it in the renwal period, it will goes into redemption period. In redemption period, the registrant still can get the domain name back. If the domain name was not been redeem in redemption, system will delete it at the fifth day after the redemption period. In redemption period, domain information can not be modified. During redemption period, domain name can not be transferred, deleted or resolved.
The renewal period is 30 days, and usually redemption period is 30 days.

2. How to renew a domain? Is there auto-renew?

A: Eranet members can login control center -> Domain admin to renew specific domain name. And you can also set auto-renew for specific domain name at the same place.

3. What's the renewal price?

A: After you click "Renew" botton for specific domain name, you can see the price.