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 What is .art Domain?
.art domain name registration. art domain name . art is a domain name for the art industry, which means "art" in English. Therefore. Art domain name is very suitable for the art industry to start and build a website, which can better meet the needs of the art industry. After the agreement is signed between UK creative Limited (ukci), headquartered in London, and ICANN, art domain name will become the exclusive domain name of. Art It's a carrier.
Culture and art is an indispensable culture in the world. Every country and every place has its own unique art. If you want more people to understand our culture and art, you can't choose. Art to build a website, because. Art is short and corresponds to the word "art". In the future,. Art domain name will be liked by the art industry, which is also. Art The investment value of domain name. Art can also be regarded as a kind of spiritual support for people. Everyone who makes art is intoxicated with his works and wants to let more people see his works of art. So the website is a good display platform, and. Art is also an indispensable choice for art websites.

The Advantages of .art Domain:
1. For security: do not rely on other business top-level domain names, risk controllable, not affected by other organizations, own top-level domain, avoid domain hijacking, anti spam;
2. For customers: short domain name, establish proprietary network identity and increase user trust relationship;
3. For business: create new business model and create new competitiveness in combination with our own business;
4. To the brand: protect the intangible assets of the enterprise and shape the global brand value of the enterprise.
Value advantage:
1. . art domain name has great investment value and wide application range. The new top-level domain name can flexibly adapt to market change strategy and is suitable for investment;
2. . art domain names are suitable for enterprises with weak financial ability to provide high-quality domain names, so that they can use competition to innovate and build a wider application market;
3. Domain name is still the most stable entrance for enterprises. Understanding industry trends, opportunities and three driving factors plays an important role in the development of domain name. Only in this way can art domain name get better development;
4. More and more small and medium-sized enterprises begin to use digital operation. Brand protection is the foundation for the development of enterprises, and also to protect the value of the new top-level domain name.
Price: $ 33.66 / yr  
Registering any domain here, get G level mobile mail box with discount price.
Registration Rules:
1. Only English letters (A-Z, not case sensitive), numbers (0-9), and "-" (English conjunctions, that is, the middle horizontal line) are provided, and spaces, that is, special characters (such as:!, $, &,?) cannot be used.
2. "-" cannot be used at the beginning and end
3. Individual domain name minimum 1 character, generally minimum 2 characters, maximum 63 characters;
4. Note: Chinese domain name is actually registered after transcoding
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