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    Domain Introduction
.CN (China)
.COM (Commercial)
.CO (Commercial)
.DE (Germany)
.JP (Japan)
.KR (Korea)
.NET (Network)
.TOP (Dot top)
.ONLINE (Online)
.ORG (Organization)
.TW (Taiwan)
.INFO (Information)
.IO (IN/Out)
.MOBI (Mobile)
.NAME (Personal)
.BIZ (Business)
.AC (Academic)
.WS (Website)
.TRAVEL (Travel)
.TM (TradeMark)
.CC (Company)
.TV (Television)
.TEL (Telephone)
.JOBS (Jobs Market)
.ASIA (Asia)
.HK (HongKong)
.SH (ShangHai)
.US  (USA)
.LA (Los Angeles)
.LC (St. Lucia)
.VC (St. Vincent)
.BZ (Belize)
.AG (Antigua and Barbuda)
.HN (Honduras)
.IN (India)
.MN (Mongolia)
.ME (Montenegro)
.SC (Seychelles)
 What Is .TV Domain?

Bandwidth technology .TV domain will become the mainstream of bandwidth age, and it will be applied to on-line video, music, movie, and TV conference. Network is the main information resource in the future, and we believe that most broadband service providing websites will choose .TV domain.

The Advantages of .TV Domain:

In 2000, the DotTV company negociated with Tuvalu, a island country in west Pacific Ocean, and bought the ten-year long using right of the domain surfix which belonged to the country at the price of 50 million dollars. .TV is international top-level domain, and has the same features and funtions as .NET, .COM, and .ORG. .TV is the short form of Tuvalu and also can be understood as the short form of Television. So people always connect .TV with television, video, music and movie program, and now there are thousands of enterprises and individuals owning .TV domains.

The Features of .TV Domain:
1. Protect and promote you trade mark on-line.
2. Automatically put you service into international tourist industry.
3. Make you website easy to remember.
4. Providing more business opportunity for you career.
5. Build up corperate image and information channel.

Price: $ 56.96 / yr 
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Registration Rules:
1. Only English letters (A-Z, not case sensitive), numbers (0-9), and "-" (English conjunctions, that is, the middle horizontal line) are provided, and spaces, that is, special characters (such as:!, $, &,?) cannot be used.
2. "-" cannot be used at the beginning and end.
3. Individual domain name minimum 1 character, generally minimum 2 characters, maximum 63 characters.
4. Note: Chinese domain name is actually registered after transcoding.
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