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    Domain Introduction
.CN (China)
.COM (Commercial)
.CO (Commercial)
.DE (Germany)
.JP (Japan)
.KR (Korea)
.NET (Network)
.ORG (Organization)
.GOV (Government)
.TW (Taiwan)
.INFO (Information)
.IO (IN/Out)
.MOBI (Mobile)
.NAME (Personal)
.BIZ (Business)
.AC (Academic)
.WS (Website)
.TRAVEL (Travel)
.TM (TradeMark)
.CC (Company)
.TV (Television)
.TEL (Telephone)
.JOBS (Jobs Market)
.ASIA (Asia)
.HK (HongKong)
.SH (ShangHai)
.US  (USA)
.LA (Los Angeles)
.LC (St. Lucia)
.VC (St. Vincent)
.BZ (Belize)
.AG (Antigua and Barbuda)
.HN (Honduras)
.IN (India)
.MN (Mongolia)
.ME (Montenegro)
.SC (Seychelles)
 What Is .GOV.CN Domain?
.gov.cn is one of the common top-level type of domains , created in 1985, mostly for US govement and US institutions, like http://www.whitehouse.gov/ Other country usually use .gov as the sub-domain, and put it unther the national or regional top-level domain, like .gov.hk.
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Example: todayisp.gov.cn | greencn.gov.cn
Registration Rules:
1. Only English letters (A-Z, not case sensitive), numbers (0-9), and "-" (English conjunctions, that is, the middle horizontal line) are provided, and spaces, that is, special characters (such as:!, $, &,?) cannot be used.
2. "-" cannot be used at the beginning and end
3. Individual domain name minimum 1 character, generally minimum 2 characters, maximum 63 characters;
4. Note: Chinese domain name is actually registered after transcoding

1、You can not register GOV.CN domains individually or by the name of any enterprise.

2、You should fax CNNICthe application form and legal person code to CNNIC.

(1) The registration name the of application form should be goverment departments and should the agree withe the seal on the form;

(2) Enterprises and public institutions with adminstrative funtions can register GOV domain in accordance with revelant regulations and laws. Other enterprises and public institutions should be autherized by registered government departments to use GOV demain, and can not register independently.

3、Registering any GOV.cn domain, please download and finish the National Government Domain Registration Form, stamp with the authority seal and fax them with legal person code to 0756-2282526.

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