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    Domain Introduction
.CN (China)
.COM (Commercial)
.CO (Commercial)
.DE (Germany)
.JP (Japan)
.KR (Korea)
.NET (Network)
.TOP (Dot top)
.ONLINE (Online)
.ORG (Organization)
.TW (Taiwan)
.INFO (Information)
.IO (IN/Out)
.MOBI (Mobile)
.NAME (Personal)
.BIZ (Business)
.AC (Academic)
.WS (Website)
.TRAVEL (Travel)
.TM (TradeMark)
.CC (Company)
.TV (Television)
.TEL (Telephone)
.JOBS (Jobs Market)
.ASIA (Asia)
.HK (HongKong)
.SH (ShangHai)
.US  (USA)
.LA (Los Angeles)
.LC (St. Lucia)
.VC (St. Vincent)
.BZ (Belize)
.AG (Antigua and Barbuda)
.HN (Honduras)
.IN (India)
.MN (Mongolia)
.ME (Montenegro)
.SC (Seychelles)
 What Is .kr Domain?
KR domain is the top domain from Korea. Is located in northeast Asia, is a new developed country. Constitution territorial scope for the Korean peninsula and subsidiary island. The actual territory accounts for about 4/9 of the total area of the Korean peninsula is located in the northeast Asian continent north Korean peninsula in the south, east south west three humble orgins. Area of 9.96 square kilometers, Peninsula coastline total length of about 17000 km (including island coastline). Since the 60 s, The south Korean government to implement the export-oriented economic development strategy, To promote the rapid development of the national economy, In a few decades, By the world's most poor countries in the world, Had become the moderately developed countries, To create the world's attention, "Miracle on the Han River", Registered the KR domain name has been optimistic about the Chinese enterprises.
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Example: |
Registration Rules:
1)Who can register kr domain? What’s the special registration requirements when register the jp domain?
There is no limited to register kr domain, Individual or business may be registered in any country.
Please refer to the domain name registration requirements together.
2)How long is the kr domain name? What is the registration rules?
Minimum 3 characters, Up to 63 characters
Only provide English letters(a-z, Not cAsE sEnSiTiVe) 、number(0-9) 、and “-“(The conjunction in English, the horizontal line) Can't use Spaces and special characters (such as! 、$、&、? etc.) “-“ can’t be the beginning and ending.
3)What’s the deadline for registration?
Register expiration from 1 year to 10 years.
4)How to register the kr domain?
Through our registered can immediately take effect.
5)What’s the deadline for renewal?
Register expiration from 1 year to 10 years.
6)What’s the kr domain renewal grace period? What to do with domain renewal?
kr domain renewal grace period is 30 days, our company registered domain name can be in the background for renewal effect
7)Does de domain have redemption grace period?
Yes , it does. kr domain doesn’t have redemption grace period.
8)How long can the expired and no longer renewal of the domain name be public registration again?
When jp domain name after expired, i It will be through the life cycle:- 30days grace period- Within 30 days of redemption grace period- Without waiting for delete.
If the partners not renewal or restore domain name, i.t will in due date of about 40 days of the public to register. Attention please, Domain name registration again, Should follow the principle of first come first served.
9)Can turn into DE domain name? How to turn in?
Yes, jp domain can turn into. Attention please, Domain name will be completed after the transfer will extend the validity of the 1 year.
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