GeoTrust EV SSL certificate

For customers who want a green URL bar, GeoTrust TrueBusinessID with EV certificate is the best choice. This certificate skill gives you a safe and most intuitive logo and the price is not very high. This is the most cost-effective EV certificate in the industry, but its effect is not affected by price. GeoTrust is a well-known brand in the industry, and this certificate uses 256-bit encryption. It is a perfect solution for small and medium enterprises and e-commerce websites to encrypt website transmission information. It is very suitable for SMEs and e-commerce websites to increase user trust.

Security level: Certificate type: EV SSL certificate
Issuing speed: 1~5 working days Insured amount: US$1.5 million
Purchase for 1 year Purchase 2 years


Product brand
Verification method Enterprise Extended Verification EV
Certification materials 1) Copy of business license; 2) 114. National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System, Dun & Bradstreet Code has company records
Issuing speed 1~5 working days
Number of protected domain names Single domain name certificate, protect 1 domain name
Protect lower-level subdomains Not supported
Reissue Unlimited free reissues within the validity period
Certificate encryption strength SHA256
Certificate algorithm support RSA 2048/3072/4096 & ECC
Mobile support Support Apple Iphone/Ipad Safari, Microsoft Pocket Internet Explorer, Blackberry, UC browser, QQ browser, etc., Chrome etc.
Browser support The following browsers are perfectly supported: Chrome 3+, Opera 7+, Safari all browsers, Firefox 1+, Netscape 9+, IE 5+, 360 browsers, etc.
Safety Guarantee US$1.5 million
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