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New Solutions for New WAN and WLAN Challenges

It's no secret that WAN and WLAN connectivity are more crucial to the enterprise than ever before. Budget, infrastructure, and manpower limitations are pushing the adoption of cloud computing for an increasing number of business applications. On the ground, meanwhile, even the smallest and most remote branch offices and retail stores now find fast, reliable Wi-Fi a must. But most organizations' resources haven't scaled up to meet the new pressures. Ruckus Wireless and Ipanema Technologies believe their solutions can help.

Making a Ruckus with a virtualized WLAN controller

For highly distributed enterprises, from retail chains to managed service providers (MSPs), the challenges of spinning up, scaling, and managing multiple wireless LANs can quickly spin out of control. Few organizations have the budgets to place networking staff at every single site with a wireless network to manage. Centralized, cloud-based WLAN controllers promise to help.

A number of vendors have already jumped on the cloud-based WLAN train, among them Cisco Meraki, Meru, Motorola, and Aerohive. Ruckus Wireless recently introduced its entry into the cloud Wi-Fi management arena with its Ruckus Smart Access Management Service and has now upped the ante by announcing the Ruckus virtual SmartCell Gateway (vSCG), which the vendor touted in a statement as "the industry's first carrier-grade Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) solution" for service providers and the enterprise.

Using NFV in a WLAN controller can benefit both service providers and enterprises struggling with multitenancy and provisioning time challenges, according to Steve Hratko, Ruckus Wireless director of service provider marketing. NFV can provide lowered capex gained by moving to commodity x86 hardware, lowered opex thanks to the comparative ease of spinning up VMs instead of procuring and installing specialized hardware, faster customer and application provisioning time, and "greater service agility by not being tied to proprietary hardware," Hratko told me.

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