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Review: ownCloud 6 Addresses Cloud Security FUD

When is a cloud not a cloud? When it’s called an ownCloud. At least that is how Lexington, MA based ownCloud would answer the question. The company has just released a significant upgrade to its ownCloud Enterprise Edition platform, now called ownCloud 6 Enterprise Edition, a software solution that offers cloud-like file sync and share services, all without the need for external cloud service providers or the cloud security risks they pose.

OwnCloud 6 Enterprise Edition is a software/hardware package that administrators can deploy on their own internal infrastructure for full control over a cloud technology-based file synchronization and sharing solution.

What’s more, ownCloud 6 incorporates a file firewall, SAML/Shibboleth authentication, full logging (for auditing), and support for a number of SQL databases. Those elements help extend ownCloud beyond the corporate DMZ and offer cloud-based file sync and share services to external or mobile users, in effect allowing those hosting an internal ownCloud solution to transform that solution into a true cloud services offering. ownCloud 6 further supports that ideology by including an unlimited license for mobile client software, which can also be self-branded.

Hands-on with ownCloud Enterprise Edition 6

When I last reviewed ownCloud Enterprise Edition, I was very impressed with the product's capabilities and overall design. I only had a few nits to pick. And with this latest release, ownCloud has made some significant enhancements that should quell the protests of any ownCloud 5 Enterprise Edition evaluators.

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