Historical Optimization-Drive Your Traffic

  • Release time:2016-10-21

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  • We all want to drive organic traffic to our sites,and we also know how to drive--publish great content! But writing this late on a Friday afternoon as you are scrambling to wrap up the week, I know all too well that writing a new article or blog post can be a lot of time-consuming hard work.

    But what if there was a way to drive more organic traffic without having to create new content?
    Yes,you are right.Register a domain in And what other else?

    There is. You can refresh your existing landing pages. The only trick is to pick the right ones.

    Some are calling it “historical optimization” – reaching back into your publishing history and finding old content that can be improved via on-page SEO. With a few improvements to the old content, historical optimization can help you drive brand new traffic.

    But you might have a lot of those old pages, perhaps going back years. You can’t update all of them – that would take too much time. Where should you start? Which ones will be worth your effort? And how do you find them?

    The key is to look at your current search traffic to find the pages that will give you the most upside. Those are the pages to prioritize. And you can use some simple metrics to find them.Then make a shortlist.

    Once you have a shortlist, you’ll want to review the possibilities and pick the ones most in line with your business goals. Are you trying to drive a specific kind of conversion? Are you trying to get visibility for a certain product? Is something seasonally meaningful?Eranet will help you to solve.Just feel free to seek help from us.Focus historical optimization efforts on the landing pages that will support the business outcomes you’re looking for right now.

    Make the updates and wait about 30 days. Has their search traffic increased? Great work! Doesn’t low-hanging fruit taste sweet?

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