New cloud mail

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Current Configuration

  • Users:
  • Purchase period:
  • Mailbox capacity:Unlimited
  • Personal network disk:5G/User
  • Enterprise network disk:G/User
  • Configuration fee:
  • Advantages of New Cloud Mail Enterprise Mailbox
  • Enterprise Mailbox Function

Advantages of New Cloud Mail Enterprise Mailbox

We have 18 years of industry experience, creating a new cloud mail, distributed architecture, global intelligent relay, multiple exclusive functions, and new choice for efficient office work for enterprises

Unlimited corporate mailbox space

Pay mailboxes are not limited to the size of corporate mailboxes
Easily store massive emails and support powerful archiving functions

Distributed cluster architecture

4 copies of all mail data are stored in real time
To ensure that the mail is foolproof, overseas intelligent relay, Global Mail

Unlimited organization structure

Support organizational structure, unlimited levels, support group mail
Exclusive support mail seat

Strong anti-spam

Multiple anti-spam algorithms, 99.9% accuracy
Intelligent filtering to reduce the interference of spam

API support

Add, delete, and list mailbox users through API
And realize one-click login to facilitate OA integration

Super Enterprise Network Disk

Support shared network disk permission management, support file sharing
Support local mounting of network disk

WeChat Mini Program

Support mini program to send and receive mail, address book,
Schedule automatic synchronization, mobile office anytime, anywhere

Work report

Support custom work report function,
Easy submission of daily, weekly, and quarterly reports, easy collection

Powerful and rich functions

Support hierarchical sub-folders, email recall, schedule WeChat notification
Dozens of features such as colorful notes

Enterprise Mailbox Function

Using functions (Comprehensive functions, powerful, unique, practical and delicate, you will feel a different corporate email experience)

Bulk mailbox

  • Support wide and narrow screens

    Support both widescreen and narrowscreen mail reading Mode, and can be switched with one key
  • Mail rules

    Support powerful mail rules, automatic classification Manage emails and support API calls
  • Keyboard operation

    Supports shortcut keys to operate mail, ←→switch mail, r Reply to email, ctrl+Enter to send Free email, alt+wClose tab
  • Full text search

    Email search supports searching subject, email content, and text attachments
  • Synchronous save and send mail

    Supports synchronous saving of sent mail, no matter through WEB or client
  • Work report

    Exclusive support for customizing daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports, free customization, one-click collection, and easy control of work results

Enterprise network disk

  • Mail tag

    Support mail labels, mail backup and mail star and easy to mark mail
  • Large attachment support

    Support oversized attachments, drag-and-drop uploads, and screenshots
  • Mail archiving

    Support one-click archiving of emails based on complex conditions, and one-click package downloading of emails
  • Support WeChat

    Support schedule, new mail, remote login WeChat notification, support WeChat scan code login
  • Level subfolders

    Support adding custom mailboxes, custom mailboxes support adding three-level subfolders
  • Cloud Notes

    Unlimited capacity, convenient recording, sharing and collaboration, encrypted reading, memo classification, restoration of historical versions

Schedule plan

  • Mail recall

    Emails sent to the same system support unconditional email recall, regardless of whether the user reads it or not
  • Mail status

    Support for querying the sending status, same as the system mail, you can check whether the mail is read or not
  • Timed mail

    Support sending timed emails, the time of timed emails can be accurate to seconds
  • Address Book Management

    Support public contacts, contact grouping, import and export contacts, scan code to add contacts to mobile phone address book
  • Colorful notes

    Support colorful notes, add notes with one click, note styles can be selected, and asynchronous reminders can be set

Management functions (management interface is beautiful and generous, integrated login, authority delegation, hierarchical management, making enterprise mailbox management easy and comfortable)

Department management

  • Account management

    Can import and export accounts in batches, enable and disable accounts
  • Alias ​​management

    You can add mailbox aliases or user aliases
  • Group management

    Alternate accounts can be assigned to departments (groups), and the aliases can be set to receive free group mail sent from outside
  • API function

    Cloud mailbox supports API interface, through API, you can add, delete, list mailbox users and realize one-click login, which is convenient to integrate with OA
  • Restrict member outgoing

    Mailbox members can be set to send out permissions to avoid the leakage of company's important information, data documents, etc., and ensure the security of enterprise information

Mail monitoring

  • Classified management

    A hierarchical administrator can be designated, and account management authority can be delegated
  • Seat management

    The exclusive seat function can be enabled, all emails sent to the seat will be automatically assigned to different employees, the user has zero perception, and the workload can be counted
  • Personal settings

    The company LOGO can be changed, and the company name can be set
  • SSL deployment

    Support the deployment of own SSL certificates to protect the security of email data transmission and make sending and receiving emails more assured
  • Mailbox password policy

    Allows the mailbox administrator to set the password complexity and password expiration time of mailbox members to protect the safety of your mailbox

Mail review

  • Company announcement

    Can issue corporate announcements, and can also issue top-of-the-line announcements
  • Log query

    You can query user message logs, login logs, administrator operation and maintenance logs
  • Domain address book

    You can add domain contacts, all mailboxes and also can share address book information
  • Customize the login page

    Easy to customize the mailbox login interface, change the background, design the login box style, and even upload any webpage code to highlight the corporate image
  • Client-specific password

    Email members can set their own client-specific login password and client login ip restrictions to ensure the security of the mailbox