GlobalSign personal email security certificate

Based on the domestic brand mail security certificate issued by the Global Trusted Root, the Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (S/MIME) protocol is used to digitally sign and encrypt e-mails, which can be obtained only by reviewing personal mailbox information. It is suitable for individuals to ensure the security of e-mail information and prevent the leakage of e-mail information.

Security level: Certificate type: DV SSL certificate
Issuing speed: Issued within 5-10 minutes Insured amount: Verify the ownership of the email address
Purchase for 1 year Purchase 2 years


Product brand
Verification method Domain Verification DV
Maximum purchase period 3
Certification materials No need to submit any materials, just verify the domain name ownership
Issuing speed Issued within 5-10 minutes
Display content Show email address
Verification Information Verify the ownership of the email address
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