GlobalSign DV wildcard SSL certificate

Wildcard SSL allows you to protect an unlimited number of subdomains on a single certificate. This is a great solution for anyone hosting or managing multiple websites or web pages that exist in the same domain. The one-time fee for the certificate covers other subdomains you may add in the future.

Unlike standard SSL certificates that are only issued to a single fully qualified domain name,, which means It can only be used to ensure the exact domain name that has been issued, a wildcard SSL certificate is issued to *, where asterisks indicate all possible subdomains.

GlobalSign wildcard SSL is an option that can be used for domain-type SSL and enterprise-type SSL certificates.

Security level: Certificate type: DV SSL certificate
Issuing speed: Quick issue in a few minutes Insured amount: Up to 100,000 U.S. dollars
Purchase for 1 year Purchase 2 years


Product brand
Verification method Domain Verification DV
Certification materials No need to submit any materials, just verify the domain name ownership
Issuing speed Quick issue in a few minutes
Number of protected domain names Protect all domain names at the next level
Protect lower-level subdomains Support
Reissue It can be reissued for free as needed during the validity period
Certificate encryption strength SHA256
Certificate algorithm support RSA 2048/3072/4096 & ECC
Mobile support Suitable for all major browsers and mobile devices
Browser support Suitable for all major browsers and mobile devices
Safety Guarantee Up to 100,000 U.S. dollars
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