Web Hosting Tools: the Good, Bad, & Geeky

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  • Web hosting needs a minimum of management. If your only management tool is your Internet connection for checking to see if your site is up; or your browser for uploading a new version of your HTML, you could be missing out. For instance, you might want to know how well your site is doing, or manage your web presence and offer a business web hosting service of your own. A good web hosting tool is one that lets you take the actions you need to take reliably and simply. A bad one? That’s a tool that is overly complicated to use or doesn’t give you useful results. So good and bad are subjective. But what about geeky? Judge for yourself below.
    Web Hosting Resources
    Whatever web hosting you use, you’ll only have a finite amount of processor power, space and network bandwidth. If you’re in danger of bumping up against a limit, it’s best to know about it beforehand. Shared web hosting will only give you the basic information, one site at a time. If you’re looking for more detail, you may want to use more powerful web hosting administration tools like cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin and H-Sphere. These applications are often supplied as part of a package for virtual private servers or dedicated servers. They let you share out your resources as you choose between your own sites or for customers who buy their web hosting service from you.
    Security and Safeguards
    A web hosting administration application like cPanel and Plesk offers possibilities to tighten up security for your webhosting. Web security can be complex, but important if your website has confidential information. Head for the ‘security center’ or equivalent first of all to familiarize yourself with the different options, and read the online help. These applications also offer a wizard-driven interface to make backups of your website and its data. This makes safeguarding and restoring different versions easy.
    Web Site Statistics
    Want to know how many people visit your website and which pages they favor? If you use your website to do business, information like this can help you tune your website content and encourage visitors to got to sign-up and sales pages. One of the best known is Google Analytics. It is easy to put in place and gives you extensive visitor data including where they came from, which pages they visited and where they went afterwards.
    Databases for Your Website
    If your website provides data to visitors, such as individual product descriptions and prices, you quickly realize there must be a better way than to hard code everything into your site. The solution is to set up a separate database that you can update and extend as your website information changes. Web hosting administration tools like cPanel and Plesk let you create such databases using user-friendly wizards and then upload all your data to them in a standard spreadsheet file, for example. A good web hosting tool will shield you from the technicalities.
    Want to Do It Yourself?
    It’s worth knowing that the server platforms (VPS or dedicated) offered by many providers let customers modify or add new functionality. Many additional components to enhance web marketing, performance and security, for instance, are available over the web. Once again, there are also solutions for the non-geeks. Softaculous for instance is an application that facilitates the installation of many popular web packages. That way you can choose the good, avoid the bad and only be as geeky as you want to be.

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