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  • Many people have asked about starting their own website but are confused about the domain name.
    Starting a website can be confusing. There is plenty of information on how to build a pretty site but the behind-the-scenes administration is rarely discussed. Let’s start there.
    To have a site, you need both a domain name and Web host. The host is the company that houses your site. Your data is put on its servers. The host also gives your site a unique internet protocol (IP) address. This address lets others find your site on the Web. It may be something like
    The problem is that no one is going to remember that long string of numbers and dots. You need something more recognizable, such as words. That’s where the domain name comes in.“” is an example of a domain name that is much easier to remember than the list of numbers of dots that is the actual address. You connect the domain name to the IP address for your site. Visitors will put the domain name in their browsers and the computer will figure out the correct address for them and then your site shows up on their screens.
    Domain names are obtained from a domain name registrar. Unfortunately, no one can a domain name outright including domain name registrars.
    Confused yet? It might help to look at this from the top down.
    There is a central directory of domain names and their associated IP addresses. It is run by Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). Think of it as the yellow pages for the Internet. Without it, we could’t find specific sites.
    ICANN does not put new domain names in its directory. Domain name registrars do that. That’s what you pay them for. The registrar associates a domain name with your site and then it inserts that information into ICANN’s directory.
    Everyone has to go through this process. Even Google and Microsoft get their domain names through a registrar.
    The registrar does not own specific domain names. In fact, domain names do not really exist until they are registered.
    The domain name system is always present. You can create a name from any combination of letters, numbers and hyphens and as long as it is not already registered, it’s yours. You can lease a new domain name from any registrar and as long as your domain name is registered, only you can use it. No one can take it from you.
    Registering a domain name usually happens on a year-to-year basis but most registrars have multi-year bundles. You can have one registered for up to 10 years, the maximum set by ICANN.
    You will always have the opportunity to re-register before your lease expires. You will only risk losing your domain name if you let it expire. If you do, someone can take the name.
    Be sure to get a domain name from an ICANN accredited registrar. These sites are required to deliver quality service and support.

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