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Domain names suggest Democrats to campaign for “1 Million Votes”

Important midterm elections are upon us and both Republicans and Democrats are revving up their marketing engines.


What catchy slogan will the Democrats push? “1 Million Votes”, judging from some domain names the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee registered yesterday. Here are the domain names:


  • 1millionvotes.com
  • 1millionvotesfor.com
  • 1millionvotesfor2014.com
  • 1millionvotesforequalpay.com
  • 1millionvotesforimmigrationreform.com
  • 1millionvotesforstudents.com
  • 1millionvotesforthemiddleclass.com
  • 1millionvotesforwomen.com
  • 1millionvotesforworkers.com
  • 1millionvotesforworkingfamilies.com
  • onemillionvotesfor.com
  • onemillionvotesfor2014.com
  • onemillionvotesforraisingthewage.com
  • onemillionvotesforstudents.com
  • onemillionvotesforwomen.com
  • onemillionvotesforworkingfamilies.com

Unfortunately for the Dems, OneMillionVotes.com was registered back in 2007. The domain name is protected by whois privacy.


If the Republicans want to fight back, they can capitalize on the fact that the DCCC doesn’t know that .democrat domain names exist. Or it doesn’t care. It didn’t register OneMillionVotes.democrat or 1MillionVotes.democrat.


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