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Why wait for iOS 8? Seven cloud-friendly apps for your photos

At WWDC this week, Apple officially announced iOS 8. Included in the list of new features for the next iteration of the company's mobile operating system was a handful of new editing tools for the iOS Photos app that will help you get your shots looking just right. While the new straightening and cropping tools look promising, along with smarter controls to adjust brightness and color levels of your photos, what looks to be bigger news for iPhone photographers is iCloud Drive.

Up to this point, my only interaction with iCloud has been ignoring its repeated warnings that my storage is almost full. iCloud Drive promises to change that. With it launches this fall, iCloud Drive will be baked into Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite and will have its own app in iOS 8, promising to make your photos -- and all manner of file types -- easily accessible across all of your Apple devices.

Like iCloud today, iCloud Drive will deliver only 5GB of free space. The paid plans for iCloud Drive look attractive, however, at 99 cents per month for 20GB, or $3.99 per month for 200GB. More to the point, I might actually be tempted to upgrade because the service looks like a vast improvement over the current iCloud. That is, it looks like a fully featured cloud storage service -- for both desktop and mobile -- instead of a middling mobile backup service.

I can't wait to try out iCloud Drive when its released this fall. I take a lot of photos and videos with my iPhone, so I am looking forward to having easy access to them on my iPad and MacBook Pro. And because I take a lot of photos and videos with my iPhone, I am always running up against my storage maximum. So, if iCloud Drive turns out to be a bonafide cloud service, then it will allow me to store my photos and videos in the cloud to free up the local storage on my iPhone. It's a win-win: easier access to my photos and videos and more room on my iPhone for apps and other data. And I'm not the only one waiting for iCloud Drive to arrive to solve my photo storage issues.

In many ways, however, Apple is playing catch-up with iCloud Drive. There are a number of iOS photo apps, for example, that have already embraced the cloud. Thus, you need not wait for iOS 8 and iCloud Drive to arrive this fall if you want shoot and store photos in the cloud. Let's take a quick spin through seven apps that currently exist.


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