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Do I Need a Dedicated Server?

In May 2013 Netcraft predicted that by the end of 2014 there would be 1 billion websites on the Internet. Whether that prediction has come true or not we won't know for a while, but the bottom line is that there are an awful lot of websites on the Internet. 

The bulk of the websites available to us on the Internet are hosted on shared servers. Shared web hosting these days packs a real punch - servers are fast and have masses of resources available to them, and for the average website, shared hosting is always going to be enough. However, if you have aspirations towards your website becoming a real success, sharing resources with other websites just isn't going to cut it. 

What is a dedicated server?

Although shared web hosting is adequate enough for most websites, if your website is going to be a success, you might, at some stage, need a dedicated server. As the name suggests, shared hosting shares resources (CPU, memory and other processes) between the websites stored on a particular server. Some shared web hosting has usage limits meaning every site gets equal access to resources. Others, however, do not, meaning resource hungry sites prevail. If you want to ensure your website can utilize all of the resources a server has available, then you need dedicated hosting.Dedicated hosting is as the name implies, a server with all the resources dedicated to a specific user - CPUs, memory, etc., they are there for you to use exactly as you wish. You rent the machine and you add as many (or as few) websites as you wish. 

When do I need a dedicated server?

Are you making money from your website(s)? If you are, you can't afford to be suspended by a host or experience downtime for any other reason. As a general rule of thumb, if your site is regularly making 10 times the cost of a dedicated server, switch to dedicated. If you are making less than that, stick with shared hosting (or VPS if you can afford it) - regardless of whether your resources are being eaten up and you need dedicated hosting, if you can't to pay for it, you can't use it. 

Can you manage a dedicated server?

If you have the requisite skills to run a dedicated server, then it is a good option for you. If you are wondering whether you have the requisite skills to run a dedicated server or not, you probably don't, in which case you will need a managed dedicated server. With a pure dedicated server, you rent the hardware and the space at the data center, and that is it. You do everything else. Managed dedicated servers are operated by the person you rent the server from. If you need software adding, they do it. If you need to reboot the server, they do it. Obviously, this is going to be an expensive option - it's a bit like having a member of staff on hand to manage your server. 

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