.Club, .VIP and . XYZ are approved by MIIT

  • Release time:2016-12-17

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  • .Club, .VIP (MMX) and .XYZ are celebrating today after being approved by China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (“MIIT”).

    The approvals mark the first time Western new top level domain registries have received MIIT’s stamp of approval for domains to be hosted in China.

    Previously, .Club, .VIP and .XYZ domains could be registered in China but could not be activated or hosted there. Now, owners of these names can apply for the relevant local license (“bei-an”) in order to host these domain names in China.

    These three domains are among the three most popular Western TLDs in China. China accounts for over 90% of .VIP registrations, more than half of .Club and a third of .XYZ’s registrations to date.

    The companies hope the approval will further improve their TLD’s standing in China now that Chinese citizens can activate the domain names in China to reach Chinese consumers.