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domain name top 10 forum

The following is a list of my top 10 forums for buying and selling domain names. Some I’m listing as a result of having personally sold and bought domain names there while others are simply top in their niche.

DNForum.com would probably rank top in any “domaining forum” list. If you are into domain names, you more then likely have a premium membership at DNF.

For a long while NP tried to compete with DNF for the title of “top dawg” in the battle of the domain name forums. I don’t know whether it’s because RJ (the owner) has taken his foot of the pedal or whether time just took its toll, but NamePros has been slowing down. Recent times have seen the forum experience lots of downtime and NP has seen the quality and quantity of names and members drop…

For a long time DomainState was a prime domaining forum with a huge membership and a great buy and sell sub forum. A few years ago it started to stagnate, had a drop in traffic and started hemorrhaging members up until the pointit was purchased by Trellian and the folks from Above.com in January 2010. It is now on the way back and will hopefully soon be resurrected as one of the top domain name forums.

You ether love or hate the domaining forums on DigitalPoint. Over the years DP has been home to a number of internet marketers and domainers, but it also has had its fair share of trolls and scam artists. Not for the faint hearted.

WHT is the largest web hosting community on the web and it happens to have a nicely frequented Domain Name sub forum where I have bought & sold domain names in the past. Members there are reputable and the chances of being low-balled or scammed are not as high as in other places.

I haven’t had much experience with DiscussNames.com in the past but from the looks of it, and considering it has Afternic propping it up, it’s certainly worth a mention int this list.

INForum.in rightly holds the title as the number 1 Indian domain name forum. It’s title “Home of the Indian Domain Name Industry” fits the bill nicely.

CCTlds.com was recently acquired by EuroDNS. With such a high profile backer and a great domain name, it can rightfully expect a rise in traffic and importance in the days to come.

Being Australian I have to mention the .com.au domain space. DNTrade.com.au, the forum dedicated to the .au domain market, lets you buy and sell .com.au, .net.au, .org.au domain names.

Although V7N is primarily a web development community, it has a regularly updated and often visited domain sub forum. I have successfully bought and sold domain names from there in the past.