Eranet International Limited has the honor to become the HKDNR 2012’s best partners—Gold medal !

  • Release time:2013-04-19

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                                                 Eranet International Limited has the honor to become the HKDNR 2012’s best partners—Gold medal!


    HKIRC and its wholly owned subsidiary--HKDNR Kicked off 2012 Top 10 .hk Website Competition and Best Registrar Award Presentation of Hong Kong,and gives honor to the excellent partners in 2012.At the same time,Eranet International Limited won the gold medal of “The Best Registrar of HK in 2012” and “The Best Nominee in vote of .hk Website”.


    It is reported that the vote is one of items for HKIRC to promote the local internet,encouraging enterprise, institutions,organization,etc making good use of website and .hk domain name,strengthening communication with customers and information,and meanwhile, cooperating with the changing of Hong Kong’s Knowledge society.
    .HK is the exclusive international top domain name in HK,representing the international image and status of HK.Most of mainland enterprises and personal accounts begin to pay attention to the protection of .hk domain name’s investment. As the top partner of registrar in HK,Eranet keeps promoting and popularizing the top domain name of .hk in the world especially in China.


    HKIRC says the yearly raising mainland registrars of .hk domain name can’t get away from Eranet’s vigorouslypromotion and popularity
    HKIRC also says Eranet is praised by HKIRC for many times. And it won one more award after winning the five-star registrar authority.This is because it gets these honor by its strength and effort.


    Eranet gets some good effort in prophase promotion of .HK domain,in order to preferably populaze the domain name,Eranet offers some favourable activities,though it gets some good effort in prophase promotion of .HK domain,if you register a .HK domain name,it just cost HKD 166 one year.The price is the cheapest in Hong Kong and is loved by the public.Now many enterprises have registered the domain name. 


    It is known that .HK domain names have certain advantages and prospects. It is the best choice for Hong Kong enterprises. The prices are relatively cheap with a fast parsing speed. Therefore, the advantage itself combined with the promoting of the enterprise. We believe .HK domain names will spread quickly.