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 Company Appearance and Geographic Location
 Company Appearance and Geographic Location

  Room 907, North Tower of Times New World Center, 2193 Guangyuan East Road, Guangzhou City,
  Guangdong Province, China 

Please take buses of NO.246,252,266,287,290,175,235,236,508,535,540,804,804A,804B,808, 884,112,27,51,30,60,65, 84,814A,84,136, and get off at "JunTiYuan(军体院)" station.

Please take buses of NO.30,246,252,266,287,290,298,508,535,884,891,27,60,65,84,84A,111, 112,136,235, and get off at "ShengJunQu(省军区)" station.

Please take buses of NO.72,140,179,16,804A,804B,808,219,241,296, 833,836,862A,862B,804 502,297,201, and get off at "ShaHe(沙河)" station.


3D Picture of the Company Location